The new logo is about combining the elements of our background, interests, current situation and the future. So many things in one illustration? Yes, it’s all there.

Thank you very much Gertie from www.poppyonto.com for listening to all our wishes and making this design happen!

Our logo starts with the hexagon shape. This shape can endlessly be repeated like in a honeycomb structure. It’s a strong basis for construction. A link with our background industrial antiques.
Viewed in a 3D perspective, this hexagon is a cube turned sideways. It becomes a box. A house. This refers to the business we are in, homeware.

In this cube house you will find two perpendicular facing doors. However your view may be, there is always one door open. This symbolizes our belief there are always opportunities.

The half circle symbolizes the rising sun. A new era in the life of the brand.

The combination symmetric lines and round shapes is a clear reference to the masonry in the architectural style “Amsterdamse school” in which both our office and private home is build.

The center lines also form a crystal-like structure which represents the new elegance of the brand.