Who we are

We are an independent, Amsterdam based brand in bold and sophisticated homewares.

We make cool products for your kitchen, living area and home office. Our products range from steel storage boxes to kitchen utensils and elegant glassware. Besides making cool products we believe we have a responsibility to fulfill in this industry. By offering you products that last a lifetime we contribute to a sustainable world. By using organic, recycled and recyclable raw materials we double this effect.

Founders Rick (left) and Linsey (always right) manage our small team of dedicated staff. In our day to day business Rick is responsible for buying and logistics, Linsey for design and marketing.

Our factories

We work with a small number of carefully selected factories in India and Bosnia and visit them regularly. Real people making real stuff. Our local team member in India, Mahesh, makes sure all our values about doing the right thing are passed on through the buying and production process.

Because we produce in low quantities we rely on the skills of artisans. Their years of experience, passed on from generation to generation, makes the difference.

Raw materials

As we care for nature we use raw materials which do not harm our environment. We use organic cotton, recycled glass, recycled brass, recyclable metals, FSC oak wood, FSC acacia wood and recycled cart board. For EU safety reasons we need to use some plastics in packaging. We are looking at ways to replace those with biodegradable plastics. For now, just be sure to seperate your waste.

We use strong materials because they last and because of their natural beauty.